Nine Month

What should my nine month old be doing?

Vaccine: Hepatitis B
Screening: iron and lead.

All babies develop at different rates. Please do not be discouraged or worried, if your child has not achieved the following milestones by 9 months.

At this age, your child should:

What foods can I introduce at this age?

Around nine months, we suggest that you have introduced proteins and have started some finger foods. Start with a small amount per feeding and increase slowly if there are no signs of allergy (rash, diarrhea, or irritability). You can also introduce yogurt and mild cheese as well as wheat.

Your child now has the ability to pick up small pieces of food. This is a good age to add some finger foods such as cheerios or cut up pasta. For more information of feeding, please read our handout “Starting Solid Foods“.

How do we obtain the blood for the iron and lead screening?
We will use a quick finger prick to obtain a small amount of blood from your baby. We will run the test in the office so that you have the results before you leave. If we obtain a positive screen, we will send you to an outside laboratory to confirm the results.

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