Five Week

Five Week Visit

Vaccine: Hepatitis B

Is my baby constipated?

Your baby is not constipated unless he is producing “little pebble” stools.  Typically at this age, infants will lose the reflex that causes them to stool after each feed.  Especially with breastfed five week olds, they will use most of the nutrients they are consuming and, therefore, stool less frequently.  Some babies, will stool only once a week.  It is not a reason to be alarmed unless it is accompanied by vomiting, inconsolable irritability, or decreased urine output.

When can I introduce a bottle?

If you are breast-feeding, it is a good idea to introduce a bottle at this point.   Allow someone other than the breast-feeding mother to provide the bottle during a mid-day feed.  The introduction of a bottle will free up some time for mom and give the child experience with a new way of feeding.  By this point, the risk of nipple confusion has decreased dramatically.

What should my five week old be doing?

All babies develop at different rates.  Please do not be discouraged or worried, if your child has not achieved the following milestones by 5 weeks.

At this age, your child should:

  • Lift chin for a few seconds when lying on tummy
  • Cannot support head without assistance
  • Grasps whatever placed in hand
  •  May follow some moving objects with eyes
  •  Make sounds that are not crying
  •  Cries when left alone; usually stops when picked up
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