Adolescent Well Visit

As with your child’s previous well visits the doctor will review, diet, elimination, exercise and sleep with your child. A full physical exam is performed. In addition, your teenager will spend some time alone with his or her phsyician. This allows both the doctor and the adolescent the ability to have conifdential discussions. All teenagers are asked the same questions.
We invite you to share your concerns and questions with your teen’s doctor at the start of the visit. Remember to write down any questions you may have for your doctor before your teenager’s check ups. We encourage you to discuss all of your questions and cocerns with your child before the visit.

We understand that it might be hard for you to not be part of the whole office visit. It’s easier for teens and adults to share information in private. Spending time alone with their doctor helps them learn how to take responsibility in a safe way.

Your child will be given a confidential questionaire to fill out prior to seeing the doctor. We ask that you let your teen fill out the questionnaire in private. Remember, we are dedicated to supporting you in keeping your teen healthy and safe.

Most of what is discussed between a teen and his or her doctor is kept private. If you have questions about this, please ask the doctor.

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